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"I started this academy from a dream of leaving a legacy behind. Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people. I have always loved sharing my knowledge and want to inspire people in the performing arts.

Acting is not just about memorising lines, but it goes way beyond that. In this academy, I will personally train and guide local talents and share the secrets to being successful in this challenging industry. I short, I want and will groom stars."

- Nabila Huda 🦋


Apply now

We are open to receive your applications. All information (deadlines, criteria, format etc) detailing to take part in this academy will be updated via this website. Do check this page periodically.

This academy will run for a few months. There will be 3 stages from the application process and selection. Be rest assured I will personally handpick those to advance to the next stage.

Do take note that by joining this academy, you are agreeing to a lifelong commitment and relationship with me and my crew members.

With discipline, dreams do come true. And I’m here to help you achieve those dreams.


"When anyone asks me for advice on how to become an actress, the only advice I feel qualified to give is only through my own experience. So here goes: Always be yourself. Retain individuality; listen to the truest part of yourself. Study if you can. Get a good teacher. Believe in yourself. Have confidence, too."

– Marilyn to George Barris in 1962.

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